d e e n - a bitmap-font-system

story the iworld-project required a very small and very
high quality font to enable the maximum information
density possible. i didn't find any font that would
meet those requirements...geneva, arial, verdana...
they all had a lot of problems. some are good in one
special font size (geneva is good in 9p e.g.) but the
different sizes don't match.

so i decided to create my own font: it's called 'deen'.
(mix of the words 'DIN' (industry standard) and 'screen')

what started as a single font is now a database
with more than 300 pixel-orientated font-versions.
you can get the database-demo for filemaker by mail
from carsten. (zipped 80k)

you can find much more information on the german
of this site.



deen 9p
deen 18p
deen 36p