a b o u t . t r a n s c o d e

story in the beginning there is the mysterious object, the idea...
it's perceived by the senses and causes a complex reaction in the brain:
feelings, associations, memories... the thought gets more and more concrete,
words are formed, they become orders for the hands, the keyboard
transforms it, not much is left of the thoughts... code (ASCCI-Code 8bits long),
huge processes are released in the computer... send through the internet...
processed and rated by the server...

it's the journey of a thought with its transformations from one code into another one.

concept 'coding' and 'decoding are well known words for us even though
most of the time 'transcoding' would be a better word.
'decoded' is not 'no code' but a code we are used to or can access directly.

the transcode-project is a try to combine scientific insights with
subjective sensations and present it in an audiovisual way.

people linda & carsten, design-students (fh-darmstadt)

product interactive CD-Rom (director) for PC and Mac,
language: german (english version available soon)

news the project is one of the winners of the europrix-contest
(have a look there! some cool projects.)
transmediale99, screen-multimedia-contest and the multimedia transfer 99.


codierung internet
- brunhildes brest armour
- Auge eines Chamäleons
- Blende für ein Abflussrohr
- cover for a door-bell button
- Flunsch
- UFO that had erraneously slammed into the sun
- Fassung für eine Lampe
- Aschenbecher
- R2D2 Glupschaugensatz
- Aufsatz für einen Heissluftfön
- koreanische Fälschung einer original Schweizer Kuhglocke
- in einen Blister eingeschweisster Duschkopf
- Fahrradklingel ohne Hebel
- Halterung zur Ostereierbemalung
- Windfang
- Türspion
- it isn't a loudspeaker, is it?
- Kerzenständer
- yellow butterfly
- Nachbooster für Legehennen
- Schutzschild für fliegende Tauben

(soon you will be able to get more infos about these items)